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NewTechWood® Intro

is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of composite decking, railing and site furnishings. Since it's early beginnings in 2004, NewTechWood® has been on the cutting edge in wood plastic composite technology, to develop products that bring beauty and practicality to our outdoor living experience.

The secret to our success is that we listen to our contractors, homebuilders, architects and homeowners and we bring there provide the material to bring their visions to life. NewTechWood® has earned a worldwide reputation for our manufacture of attractive, innovative, and dependable wood plastic composite materials. With rich color variations, from deep chocolate tones to smoky wisps of grey, with natural wood grains, we've got that perfect color for that special project.

NewTechWood® is determined to provide its homeowners with unparalleled performance and satisfaction.


Why NewTechWood?


Back in 2010, NewTechWood set out to develop the industry’s most beautiful, durable and reliable composite decking material — UltraShield. After years of engineering and many hours of testing, the result was a premium product of unrivaled beauty and performance. UltraShield’s superior strength is due to its core made of wood fibers and high-density polyethylene plastic and its outer shell made of a polymer that coats the entire board, making it impervious to staining, scratching and fading.

We have so much confidence in the durability and long lifespan of our product that we offer a comprehensive 25-year limited transferable warranty, which covers labor costs for the replacement of our decking material if its performance is less than what we guarantee.

NewTechWood has pioneered the development of composite decks and railings and has been a leader in wood-plastic composite technology ever since its founding in 2004. With every product we develop and manufacture, we are committed to creating beautiful, useful and dependable products that enhance your outdoor living space.

NewTechWood has gained a reputation around the world for its innovative, high-quality products, and we attribute our success to the fact that we always listen to the homebuilders, contractors, homeowners and architects we work with and do our best to make their visions a reality.

If you have any questions about our products or are interested in becoming a distributor, feel free to call us at 937-703-1150 or fill out our contact form.



360 wrapBest Capped Composite in the Industry

NewTechWood is a composite decking that is fully capped in a layer of proprietary blended plastics.This cap is what protects the board from moisture, UV rays, and staining. Very few other manufacturers fully wrap the entire board. Most products are wrapped just on the top and sides, leaving the rest of the board exposed to the elements. Some products are only wrapped halfway down the side, and some manufacturers even cut the fastening grooves on the side of the boards right through the capped layer.



colors and grainDeck Colors and Grains

NewTechWood decking comes in six colors that range from dark to light.
1.Peruvian TeakBrazilian IPE
2.Spanish walnut
3.Hawaiian Charcoal
5.Roman Antique

Another great aspect of the engineering design of this decking is the grain. There are two different styles of grain:One side of the board has a natural varied wood grain,and the other side has a straight grain. The natural looking colors and realistic grains were two of the main reasons I chose the product.

clipsBest Deck Hidden Fastener System

Have you ever been on a deck that has massive spacing on the deck boards? They are not comfortable to walk on in bare feet, dangerous to walk on in high heels, and if you drop something like a phone between the boards on a ground level deck you might as well kiss it goodbye. A lot of decking manufacturers require large gaps because of their fastening system, but not NewTechWood. They have designed a system with stainless steel clips that allows an amazingly narrow 3/64-inch gap.Like other manufacturers, NewTechWood offers hollow decking. They also offer solid boards called the Columbus Series that are usually used for the borders (in case the end grain is exposed). The Columbus Series has one distinct advantage over other boarder boards. There is a grooved notch on the underside of the board for keeping the fastening point concealed, so there is no need for any fasteners to be visible anywhere on the whole deck. Many other deck systems incorporate hidden fasteners, but not on the boarder boards, so you end up with visible fasteners all along the borders.



Hidden Fasteners

Also, NewTechWood recommends using their fasteners with teeth (above) to hold the center of the board in place. The rest of the board is then secured with standard fasteners, which allow the board to move, on either end. That way, when the board expands or contracts (like all deck boards do) it will expand in both directions, keeping the gaps consistent on each end.



deck1Long Deck board lengths

Seams are ugly, so when it comes to deck boards the longer the better .
NewTechWood deck boards can be ordered in various lengths starting at 8 feet, all the way up to 20 feet. Building a deck with 20-foot boards will guarantee few seams if any all.


dollar signAffordable Decking

NewTechWood prices vary depending on where you live, but in our area it is almost half the price of other composite decking. So, if you’re looking for an affordable, high quality decking product, check out NewTechWood Ultrashield. They also make Siding and other products as well!


Learn more about NewTechWood by watching this informative video.


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Deck Tiles

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NewTechWood Siding

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